Collaboration Fest: Get a Great Fun

Collaboration Fest is an annual beer festival held in Denver, Colorado that celebrates the art of collaboration among breweries. The festival features unique and innovative beers brewed by two or more breweries working together to create something new and exciting. Each year, dozens of breweries from all over the country and beyond gather to showcase their collaborations, making it a must-attend event for beer enthusiasts. The festival also features live music, food trucks, and other attractions, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Collaboration Fest is entering its second year in 2015. During the inaugural year of the festival, more than 20 beer collaborations were showcased, featuring limited edition and exclusive brews from contributors from as far as Sweden.The second annual Collaboration Fest seeks to expand not only in size, but number of beer projects and types of collaboration. The venue will be announced shortly and will surely provide a stunning, immersive and iconic Colorado experience. Don't miss this one of a kind festival!


The History of Collaboration Fest

Collaboration Fest is an annual beer festival that was first held in Denver in 2014. The festival was founded by the Colorado Brewers Guild and Two Parts, a local event planning company. The idea behind the festival was to showcase the spirit of collaboration and creativity that is so prevalent in the craft beer industry.

What to Expect at Collaboration Fest

Collaboration Fest is a unique event that features beers that have been brewed collaboratively by two or more breweries. This means that each beer is a one-of-a-kind creation that can only be found at Collaboration Fest. The festival typically features over 100 different beers from more than 200 participating breweries.

In addition to the beer, Collaboration Fest also features food vendors, live music, and other entertainment. The festival is a great opportunity to meet the brewers and learn about the brewing process. There are also educational seminars and tastings for those who want to delve deeper into the world of craft beer.

The Impact of Collaboration Fest

Collaboration Fest has had a significant impact on the craft beer industry in Colorado and beyond. The festival has helped to foster a sense of community among brewers and has encouraged collaboration and experimentation. Many of the beers that are brewed for Collaboration Fest have gone on to become popular offerings at breweries around the state.

Collaboration Fest has also helped to raise awareness of the craft beer industry and has drawn attention to the high quality and creativity of the beers being produced. The festival has become a must-attend event for beer enthusiasts and has helped to establish Denver as a hub of the craft beer scene.

The Future of Collaboration Fest

As Collaboration Fest enters its tenth year in 2023, the festival shows no signs of slowing down. The event has grown in popularity every year and has become a staple of the Denver beer scene. The festival organizers are constantly looking for ways to improve the event and to showcase the best of what the craft beer industry has to offer.

Collaboration Fest has also inspired similar events in other cities, further emphasizing the importance of collaboration in the craft beer industry. As the festival continues to evolve and grow, it will undoubtedly continue to have a positive impact on the industry and on the beer enthusiasts who attend.

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